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Day 2

A day of Mixed Fortunes!

sunny 34 °C

Woke up to brilliant hot sunshine, It is even better here in daylight than darkness. Slept so well for a change.
After grabbing a caramel machiato from Starbucks I realised the large shopping mail has an entrance from the hotel - Not good!
As I was sitting outside I got chatting to a lovely lady - BA cabin crew. This hotel I am staying in is where many cabin crew from the UK stay. Just like a busman's holiday. We chatted for quite a while and had a bit of a laugh swapping stories. I didn't get her name but I know she will be reading this so thank you for your company this morning.

DSC_0007.jpg DSC_0008.jpg

There are amazing little lizards walking around on the ground, Watched them in amazement, Sadly I didn't have my camera with me.
Went shopping, amazed at the prices so much cheaper than at home. There was even a store for just M and M's (M and M World) wow! got a few bits for the children. Had such fun wandering around looking at everything.


There was even a M and M car in the store!


As today is a chill day I spent the afternoon at the pool sunbathing and swimming, Total relaxation. The heat is wonderful and luckily there was a breeze as well. I know I had to have a quiet one today as from tomorrow it is going to be "Full on"

Decided after a few hours to go back into my room for a siesta, didn't want to overdo the sun on my first day.
This is when my fortunes changed!!

Wanted to go do some more shopping so got my "Pinsentry" machine (It is like a small calculator, that you place your BARCLAYS BANK card into, enter your pin and it comes up with a code that you enter then on the online banking website) I put my pin number in correctly 3 times and the message came up on the screen "your pin has been locked, please contact your bank"
So I called the customer service number for BARCLAYS BANK. After 4 different departments and £35 in phone call, I was told the only way to reset pin was to use a BARCLAYS BANK ATM machine, I explained yet again I was in Orlando and there were none. I asked if I could reset the pin at an affiliated bank. I was told no it had to be a BARCLAYS BANK ATM!! I explained that there surely must be a way so I can use my card with ALL my spending money on it. They said only other way was for them to send me a new pin number in 5 working days. Yet again I informed them I was in America. I had filled in the form before I left the country to inform them. Yet again I was told sorry nothing they could do. It had to be the worse customer service I have ever experienced!

I logged onto Twitter and put a shout out if anyone knew any BARCLAYS BANKERS (Yes I spelt that correctly)!
Many friends came back with advice and retweeted I was looking for banking advice.
One friend found the nearest Barclays bank was in Miami! He also found out that BARCLAYS BANK do not have a Twitter account but he traced the Director of Int Comms and messaged him.
I am pasting the complete conversation between us all!

This is what Brian's profile says - @brianmilligan - Associate Director of Digital Communications for a global Financial Services organisation. Views are personal and may not reflect those of my employer. (BARCLAYS BANK)

Fish - .@brianmilligan Thanks for getting back to @fidget02, she's in The States at the moment & unable to reset her PIN. Any suggestions for her?
Brian - @fidget02 we hope to launch @barclaysonline v soon. Hope this improved contact us page helps for now bit.ly/nVgyC7 cc @flyingwithfish
Fish - @brianmilligan The link you sent is where @fidget02 found contact info, racked up £35 in roaming charges ... and was told they couldn't help
Brian - @fidget02 I know this don't help but I'm not customer service. I'm group int comms. The link I sent is all I can think of
Brian - @flyingwithfish @fidget02 i found a non UK telephone number on UK website bit.ly/pGrBen. Watch out of @barclaysonline coming soon.
Me - @brianmilligan Brian, Any advice what to do in the meantime? Will you plz follow me and I will DM you to take this offline


Me - @brianmilligan @flyingwithfish Surely though being group int comms & me being where I am as the only person invited by NASA to attend #GRAIL launch from the UK and having me having press coverage & my blog being followed by so many the bad press is not good for Barclays. Sorry but you can imagine how angry I am. If you can find anyone to help me jus@jusmack.com


So here I am with BARCLAYS BANK dictating what kind of trip I am going to have. Surely in this day and age with technology where it is there must be a way. All I want to do is transfer my money from one of my BARCLAYS BANK accounts to my other and be able to use my card. There is no way I can be the only customer that this has happened to!

  • *RANT OVER**

So this evening I went for another wander around the mall (Not buying anything)! then sat outside for an hour talking to some Virgin crew. A really warm evening with a wonderful breeze.
I have arranged with Vanessa (Who has arrived from Australia for the launch) to meet me here early tomorrow morning, Then we are both going to meet Erin from her flight. Erin has hired a car and the 3 of us are all going to Cocoa Beach together, get our security passes etc from NASA.

So tomorrow is the start of the main part of the trip I have been waiting so long for. Cannot wait to meet everyone and really begin to understand so much more about NASA and Space.

Night from Bo and myself
P.S.... Bo had jet lag today so spent the day in the room!

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So sorry to hear that your trip has been marred by Barclays being bad at online communication. Extraordinary that a bank should be so bad at communicating with customers!
Hope they sort out access to your money before the end of your trip.
In the meantime, I'm sure the main part of your trip will be amazing :-)

by Janet E Davis

Loved that hotel when I was vs crew, the beds are amazing!

Great mall too

by James

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